A Scene in Any Small Town

I’ve passed my time near to the heart of you. I’ve walked past boarded windows and closed shops. On a winter day, I dipped my fingers in your fountain To feel the sting of frozen waters bright and cold. I have gone to the river, to stand on the dock and watch The boats passing... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month 2019

April is National Poetry Month, and this year I’m trying to write a little more. Of course, you can't really write poetry without reading some of it, so I've also been revisiting an old favorite of mine: Czesław Miłosz. Miłosz is a Nobel Prize-winning poet, originally from Poland, who survived the events of the second... Continue Reading →

Robots writing revisited

At some point last year, I wrote about writing assisted by technology, but what happens when the technology is writing everything? I read something recently on Forbes about AI starting to write content. Apparently, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and a few other online publications are using AI to write some of their... Continue Reading →

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